Ever Ask Why?

Have you lived a conversation like this?

“We’re going to the store soon” announces the mother to her 5 year old son.

“Why?” questions the child.

“Because we need a few things” answers the mom.

“What things?”

“Ugggh…” her patience dwindles. “We need a bunch of stuff okay!” 

“Things for who Mom?” he continues.

Although heavily irritating at times, most children are curious and ask for an explanation constantly. Their minds are ripe for learning nor have they been conditioned to “follow suit” like so much of the older population. Nothing is off the table, everything can be questioned… and what’s the harm, they’re simply curious?

As we grow older, asking why shrinks in popularity. Maybe people get so busy that they accept anything that’s not vitally important to them. Even worse, the questions stay trapped in our mind because asking why means we don’t know.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Several very profitable industries exist today because people don’t ask the question… why? Don’t be afraid to ask… buck the trend… you have a right to know any and all things.

The next time somebody says to you…

“Well, it’s complicated if you know what I mean… just do this.”

Reply with, “I’m sure it is complicated, but I pick of things fast… try me”

While adults get frustrated with the brigade of questions derived from the mouths of the youth, we must applaud the intent to learn, challenge, and better. The truth is, we never grow up. Today more than ever, we need people to learn, challenge, and better this world.

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